Before you plan your beautiful extension or conversion, it is important to do plenty of research to find out what type of extension / renovation is popular in your area. Every street has a ceiling value. So be careful not to over develop, if you are planning on moving on in the near future.

Ask local estate agents what extended properties similar to yours have sold for. has all this information also..

Plan wisely and you will add more value to your property, than the amount you spend.


Designing any extension / new build is not an art. An architect is there to solve your problems and get over any that may occur.

Think to yourself what you actually need from your extension and how will it improve your day to day living. Think about the design of the finished product. Also the extensions you like the look of. Do you want it to be a complete contrast to the existing property or do you want it to be in keeping with the existing property. Think about finishing’s, Internally and externally. Such as lighting, heating (underfloor) Kitchen designs and flooring. Try and paint a picture in your mind. Things like this will creep upon you on and you will spend more than your budget if not thought about at early stages.

Set a budget and share it with your chosen architect. Your architect can asses if your budget is realistic for what you actually want.


With our fully qualified tradesmen and award winning architect, We can build your perfect dream home hassle free and fully project managed.


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